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PEOPLE FIRST Democrat Candidate for House of Representatives District 49 - Kāneʻohe and Maunawili

We Can Do Better

Shawn Richey believes that when we invest in our communities and put the interests of people first, above corporate and government interests, we can do better.

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Our Time is Now

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Grounded & Passionate

Shawn Richey was born and raised on Oahu and has built a life, career and community around his commitment to serving others and making things better. Shawn has the right perspective, morals and principles to stand strong for all those who want to see things get better for the local people of Hawaiʻi. Shawn loves and embodies the culture of Hawai'i that he was privileged to grow up in and came home to have his kids be blessed with the same. That culture is most deeply rooted in respect, strength and gratitude which Shawn wants to bring to your representation in government. 

Shawn does not want to be a politician and views this campaign and run for office as his duty as a statesmen and servant. He is committed to being transparent, accountable, approachable and real in creating connections, relationships and purpose within the Kāneʻohe and Kailua communities. Shawn considers himself a professional problem solver and has spent his career learning and understanding what it takes to make real change. Within his expertise of public procurement (acquisitions and contracts for Goods, Services and Construction) Shawn has learned about the State government and is ready to use this knowledge and experience to shape laws and resolutions that serve people first and make things better.

Shawn wants to restore faith and trust in government as we look to heal and grow from the trauma of the last few years. Shawn will spend his time in office lifting up others and not enriching himself. There is no ego in this campaign, only empathy and the heart to honor the most beautiful place and people on Earth.

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P.O. Box 4450 Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744


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