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Strong Foundations

The last couple of years have been hard on Shawn Richey. After years of building a balanced and thriving life around his profession, community, family, friends and athletics, the pandemic hit. The unprecedented effects of the virus and its restrictions/lockdowns found a way to remove a lot of things Shawn wanted, to refine what he needs; his faith, family and freedom.

Shawn has always had great empathy and cares deeply for people especially those disabled or in need. His faith lives most in his perspective, mindset and commitment to improvement through his actions for others. Shawn believes in the inherit good nature of people and that everyone has the opportunity to do better if given the opportunity, connection and purpose. Shawn has already applied this mindset to State service, bringing his push for improvement to the State Procurement Office and University of Hawai'i where he looked to build connections through change management of systems and processes in his profession. He also serves in his faith at New Hope Windward as Guest Services/ Small Group ministry lead. Additionally, he volunteers as a rehab counselor at Hope Center Ministries and is a staple in his weekly small group Men of Faith.

Shawn was born and raised in Aiea and his wife of eight (8) years, Jessica is from Kailua. When they moved back home after college and Shawn's military service they decided that Kaneohe was the best place for them to put down roots. Being young and less established, Shawn purchased their home with his parents who live on the property with them. Shawn is blessed to have two (2) wonderful children; Londyn (6) and Lincoln (5) who love every minute of growing up on the Windward Side. Supporting his multi-generational household, being an example to his kids and nurturing the partnership and love of his wife gives Shawn purpose and is a daily reminder of what is is running for. However, in Hawai'i we are blessed to have a cultural perspective of extended family and Shawn looks forward to growing his family and sharing his heart with the people of his district and State. Family is truly the foundation for the future and Shawn is proud his family is from Kaneohe.

Freedom is a word that has received some unfortunate connotations over the last several years. Shawn wholeheartedly believes in our freedoms as enshrined by the Hawai'i and United States Constitutions and the right of people to freely speak, associate and report. As a veteran, Shawn  served overseas and received valuable perspective on countries that do not have the freedoms we take for granted and what that can do to the hopes of a people. Shawn appreciates the hard work of organizations like the ACLU who stand up for people's speech even if they disagree with what is being said. Shawn has a strong set of morals and the desire to do what is right even if it is not popular. Standing up for the people we disagree with. Shawn always roots for the underdog and believes that societies are judged by how they treat the least of their people.  The current trend of casting people out and canceling them when we disagree is counterintuitive to the progress we hope to make in the world as democrats. Shawn will represent everybody in their freedom as they pursue their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

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