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We Are Better Together

Shawn doesn't care about money, he doesn't want to get rich being a public servant and he definitely doesn't want to rob or defraud the people. That being said, Shawn needs volunteers, donations and speaking opportunities to spread his message of PEOPLE FIRST politics and to build meaningful connections with the people and place he will serve and represent in office. He knows he can't do this alone and can't wait to get you connected to his campaign and making things better. 


Your voice matters and Shawn would be honored to have it join him

Volunteer Options

Thanks for your heart to help!

Other Ways to Help

Share Your Voice

Write articles and provide content related to community service and investments.

Share on Social Media

Like, subscribe, share and talk about Vote Shawn Richey to  make it a reality this August.

Share your Contacts

Connect Shawn with content creators you follow to spread the message.

Contributions for Change

Shawn appreciates every dollar and does not take your generosity for granted.

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