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How can I serve/represent you?

Shawn Richey

May 4, 2022

All I can do is show up, give me the chance and I will. This is a very humbling experience and I am leaning in and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Anyone who has done cold calls understands the uncomfortableness of speaking to strangers. Like walking on suspended glass the body has biologic fears of public speaking that go back to public trials for your life. It is human to want to fit in and do what everyone else is doing. Walking up to people and businesses in my community to introduce myself and my intent to represent them in office was strange and at times uncomfortable. It was also one of the most beautiful experiences I have had as an adult and one I won't soon forget.

I am 6'2 265 and some people think I wear it well but I am a big guy. With my 2XL campaign shirt, my big beard and long hair I am sure you wouldn't expect a politician when I walk up to you, I'm not. I am a public servant, a humble representative of better and someone willing to show up and help where I can. While I can talk and have a lot to say, I am in this to listen and to serve. I did my best to talk honestly with each person and to show my caring intent. Most, I asked if they had any opportunities for me to serve or volunteer. That is my heart in this, to show up and build connections. There are many connections I could be striving for right now but the ones in my community mean the most. I love that my kids get to grow up on the Windward Side.

But that message is hard to convey the first time you walk up to someone. So I smile and I ramble on about PEOPLE FIRST policies or investing in our communities and how to get in touch. Many connected and wished me well, some gifted and blessed me, some prayed for me, others were just excited that someone real is running. Those were the ones I focused on, the ones that matter and that I hope stay in touch to watch my run for office find it footing. I don't need everyone to vote for me and a lot of the people I spoke to today don't even vote in my community, but they serve my community. Community businesses keep money in the communities and that helps the people. How can we serve the people better?

So I ask for opportunities, give me the chance to show up, I am hungry for it. I know the formula to success and it is hard work, so when I show up that is what I will do. I'll speak, I will sweep whatever you need, if it is for your community, has good intentions and benefits the public, I will serve. Until then I will keep trying to find ways to connect and manage this campaign. I will do it because I feel it needs to be done but I don't want to do it alone. So volunteer your time or just have a conversation with me. Be my friend, give me criticism or feedback or better yet put me to work. I know if we put people first, we can do better for each other.

Special thanks to my friends John and Reno for jumping on my live streams and showing support. Thank you to Mikayla at 808 Raw, Casey at Soul Graffix Ben at HI Triathlon Center and Kim at the The Blessed Life. I also want to take time to highlight the beautiful efforts at 808 Sports development with Tony and his wife who are serving the community in a cool way. They provide financial literacy classes, community outreach and healthy outlets through sports. In my We Can series I talk about ways we can invest in our communities and these awesome people are already investing in awesome ways. They do it with principle and they do it for people. I was honored to sit down and hope to have the opportunity to show up and serve with them and maybe even represent their community in legislature.

If you have read this far thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a hard thing to do and reading to the bottom means the world. I am doing this on a hope and a prayer, I am open to all forms of help and contribution. Please consider connecting or donating your voice, time or resources. It is gonna be an awesome ride. Take care, stay safe and be well.

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