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Humble Beginnings - Campaign Launch

Shawn Richey

Apr 30, 2022

A Public Servant's Journey Begins - Follow and support Shawn Richey in his run for House of Representatives.

"It took the things I wanted to be removed for me to appreciate what I need." - Shawn Richey

A few years ago, I would never think I could be in a position to serve and run for office as a House Representative for legislature. I had so many projects and goals that I wanted to accomplish before I could focus on anything else. Those goals and what they mean't consumed me and I could only look forward to a future of possibilities once those things were done. As things crashed down around me and those projects and goals were not meant to be I had a choice; I could focus on what happened and dwell on the past, or I could focus on the future and what I can do now.

My personal philosophy is that you don't let your problems get bigger than you, you get bigger than your problems. I went through many trials reconciling the future I wanted with the present I now faced. The amount of growth I have had in the last 6 months preparing for this run could fill a lifetime. I sit here now humbled and so honored to have the opportunity to go forth with others and be voice, a shoulder and a helping hand in our community. Kāneʻohe and Maunawili, I am so grateful to run and earn the chance to be your representative. I don't have all the answers but I have the formula: We can do better when we put PEOPLE FIRST.

Today, I launch my website and social media campaign to little fanfare of my Faith Community, my Family and the friends and those close who encouraged me to take this leap. I hope to get to know everyone along this journey, that you can see my intent and join me in demanding that we do better for the amazing people of Kāneʻohe, Maunawili and Hawaiʻi.

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