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Shawn Pledges to Do Better

The PEOPLE FIRST Pledge is a commitment to be a better representative and a mindset to put the interests of people first while in public office. Shawn created and is proud to be the first politician to sign the pledge. Download the fillable form by clicking on the icon below and send it to your politicians today. 

We Can Do Better

"I pledge to uphold the Hawai’i Constitution and protect all the people in their exercise of Article I - Bill of Rights and to establish virtual or in person meetings, town halls or other public forums with my constituents as soon as reasonably possible with the intent to listen, engage and represent their concerns, if any, whenever a government action is brought to my attention with a claim that it restrains or diminishes their rights.

I will to adhere to the PEOPLE FIRST principles and apply them to my time and actions in office to ensure that the government puts people first whenever possible. To maintain accountability, I will publicly take responsibility for the actions and decisions I make.

I will pursue all checks and balances within and between the three branches of government to ensure that their power is transparent and/or accessible to the people. I will treat taxpayer money carefully and spend it frugally. I will use my voice, vote and platform to foster discussions on how to best use legislation and funds to benefit the interests of people over corporate, government, special or foreign interests."


P ower of government resides in the people;

“I admit that I am powerful and my voice matters in determining the control and direction of Hawai'i and its political representation.”

E verybody’s freedom matters;

“I am an important part of the people's movement, I respect the diverse people and practices of Hawai'i and declare my intent to put aside my differences so we can come together to build something great.”

O pen and transparent discourse shape our reality;

“I will not be afraid to have honest conversations or to agree to disagree in the pursuit of personal and societal growth.”

P eople and planet over profits and politics;

“I commit myself to the the best place and people on earth, and all my efforts in the movement will benefit the people of Hawai'i and our island home.”

L earn to listen, love and live together;

“I will challenge what I know/believe to better my understanding and ability to care for my community and the lives of those around me.”

E quality of opportunity produces better outcomes;

“I will provide for and support equal opportunities and access for the people of Hawai'i in their life, business and pursuit of happiness while understanding that outcomes will be different based on individual efforts, skills and connections.”

F amily is the foundation for the future;

“I will embody and protect the values of my family, which I am born or adopted into and I will attempt to understand and respect the sovereignty and values of other families that may look or act differently from mine.”

I nvest in your communities;

“I understand that the more I put into my communities the more I will get out of them and that servicing and supporting my community makes it stronger and better able to provide for the benefit of all members.”

R espect is the rarest commodity;

“I will do my best to give respect to others who choose freedom in their own way as allowed by the Hawai'i Constitution, while openly and collaboratively sharing my experience and perspective to gain the respect of others.”

S cience is a process of participation, observation and evaluation;

“I will participate as I can in the process of making things better in Hawai'i, this includes helping the movement, observing reactions, controlling biases and evaluating the best way to move forward,  together.”

T rust is built on healthy relationships.

“I will do my best to create, foster and grow healthy relationships with the media, food, politics, medicine, finances and communities in my life and use them to support the people of Hawai'i for future generations.”

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